You can use the ISPI™ for:The need for maximizing the talents of people has never been stronger. Yet, understanding what it takes to leverage the strengths of people is still not a common practice. Becoming certified in the ISPI™ (Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator™) is a key step in boosting the productivity, performance and output of your organization and your people. Those Certified in the ISPI™ will be able to provide feedback and coaching to ISPI™ individuals and groups. They will also be able to analyze and interpret ISPI™ data when forming teams or analyzing teams. They will also be able to look at cumulative ISPI™ data of a team, department or organization and interpret different cultural characteristics of the group. Depending on what you are looking to do with the ISPI™, there can be many organizational-specific benefits to Certification in the ISPI™. Becoming certified in the ISPI™ is a three-day process. ISPI™ Certification can take place via an open enrollment program or on-site specifically for your organization.

Some of the organizations who are using (or have used) the ISPI® include: Hallmark, Raytheon, ExxonMobil, U.S. Army, Rolls Royce, Godiva, Kraft Foods
Inc.,NASA, U.S. Office of the Secretary of Defense, Arch Coal, Daymon Worldwide, U.S. Army (ARDEC) and Association of American Medical Colleges.
The ISPI® is used by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) in their innovation programs.

(The following is sample program content from the typical ISPI™ Certification program. )

Pre-Work- Included with your registration

  • Take the ISPI™
  • Read the ISPI™ Feedback Report
  • Watch the video series on the ISPI™ and SPI™ Feedback
  • Read “Making the Invisible Visible: The Human Principles for Sustaining Innovation”
    • ISPI™ Focus: Chapter 6 – Leverage Differences
  • Read “The Invisible Element: A Practical Guilde for the Human Dynamics of Innovation”
    • ISPI™ Focus: Chapter 5 – Leverage Differences

Three days of classroom training. ISPI™ Certification topics include:


  • Innovation and Creativity
  • ISPI® Theory and its application to innovation
  • The Human Dynamics of Innovation
  • What is needed to become an advocate for internal change
  • Understand how to leverage cognitive, conative and affective differences
  • 12 Orientations of the ISPI™
  • iO – Innovation Orientation = Builder to Pioneer model
  • iOM – Innovation orientation Modifiers
  • How to deliver ISPI™ feedback to individuals
  • Interpreting and applying cumulative ISPI™ data
  • How to deliver ISPI™ feedback to groups
  • ISPI® Exercises
  • Handling Q &A
  • Coaching with the ISPI™
  • ISPI™ and Teams
  • Using the ISPI™ for identifying Archetypes (Life Cycle Report)
  • Strengths Preference Indicator™
  • ISPI™ Software

The ISPI™ Certification Training Course is available on-site for organizations seeking to certify 15 or more employees.  Please contact us at to discuss setting up on-site certification