Gary J. Wilhelmi

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Gary J. Wilhelmi

Vice President, Dallas Branch

Email: Tel: +1 817 421 0496 4109 Beacon Hill Crescent Grapevine, TX 76051


For over 30 years, Gary has been involved with the development of new and innovative products. His experience includes development work in such areas as high tech laser and optical systems, first generation fiber optics communication systems, biotechnology innovation, and consumer products development, which has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. In his career, he has successfully developed and implemented innovation breakthroughs using internal organizational resources, as well as creating virtual R&D organizations using external resources. This experience provides a unique insight into what is required to create and sustain innovation in today’s rapidly changing world. As a manager of innovation and development, he has consistently created environments within which his teams have been able to leverage individual differences that fostered high levels of individual interaction, trust and support. Through these experiences, he has developed a number of successful approaches and unique tools to allow organizations and individuals to understand those invisible attributes within an organization that ultimately become either key drivers or inhibitors of successful innovation.