logo-innovisionAre you an organization or company seeking to improve on existing products or are you looking for the next game change?  To achieve both, organizations and companies need a sustainable culture of innovation.

InnoVision™ is an online customizable system created by Idea Connection Systems, (HumanGrid’s parent company) and driven by the ISPI.  InnoVison™ provides a practical route toward a sustainable culture of innovation by leveraging individual and team – wide Strengths Preference Indicator™ (SPI™) results, personal skills, individual goals and roles within an organization.

HumanGrid understood that similar to the Strengths Preference Indicator™ (SPI™) instrument which allows one to see their invisible traits and plot them into a ‘personal grid’; our  InnoVision™ tool  allows you to literally view the invisible, complete and complex grid of an organization in its entirety – making often invisible processes and patterns now visible. Without seeing the invisible forces companies cannot create a sustainable culture of innovation.

HumanGrid’s InnoVision™ tool produces results that are unique to each client and provide unique action requirements based on individual client goals needed to establish a sustainable culture of innovation.

If your organization or company needs to improve on existing products or are you looking for the next game changer; we value the opportunity to partner with you to co-create a solution powered by our InnoVision™ system.

InnoVision™ value-adds:

  • Build and sustain trust through transparent processes
  • Understand organizational culture(s) and the potential of people
  • Produce “Fair Hearings” and Timely Responses, to either champion and advance or archive ideas
  • Integrate and leverage systems that assist people in reaching potentials while helping to realize quantifiable gains
  • You will understand how to continuously improve operations, solve existing problems and generate innovative products
  • Customers and clients are here to help guide innovations. It helps steer strategic decision-making
  • Streamline processes and solutions which are labor-intensive while highlighting routes around common obstacles
  • Discover hidden processes, behavior, hurdles and principles and how to overcome roadblocks to Innovation.
  • Implement a viable and sustainable culture of innovation.

Please contact HumanGrid at Sales@myhumangrid.com to order your InnoVision™ today!